Institute of Particle Process Engineering

Design of Pressure Vessels

Dr.-Ing. Kai Nikolaus


Design and production of pressure-vessels and unpressurized vessels and belonging equipment. The course offers an overview on the most important functional elements of vessels, the main functions of vessels as well as the basics to design and manufacture vessels. Typical requirements of apparatuses in chemical engineering are presented:

  • Basics of plant design
  • European and national product safety laws
  • Development of process engineering plants according to VDI 2221
  • Design of the elements of the apparatus and plant construction
  • Design guidelines for apparatus
  • Design of apparatus and pipes according to DIN EN 13445 and DIN EN 13480
  • Apparatus materials
  • Apparatus manufacturing
  • Apparatus tests



  • DIN EN 13445, DIN EN 13480, Beuth Verlag
  • VDI-Richtlinie 2221, Beuth Verlag
  • Gleich, Weyl: Apparateelemente, Springer Verlag



Course:Tue.13:45 - 15:15Room:46-260
Extra courses:Wed.17:15 - 18:45Room:46-260
Exam:Tue.13:30 - 15:00Room:52-207
 April 5, 2023   


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Scripts and course documents can now be found at Olat.

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