Institute of Particle Process Engineering

Dust Removal

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Siegfried Ripperger



Physical principles of dust removal and calculations methods for dimensioning apparatus

  • Introduction to aerosol technology
  • Processes in dust removal:
    - Density based separators (sedimentation chambers, cyclone)
    - Scrubber
    - Cleaning filters and storage filters (deep-loading filters)
    - Packed bed filters
    - electrostatic precipitator
  • Calculation and modeling
  • Apparatus construction


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Contact / Tutor:

 M.Sc. Maximilian Kerner/Ass.Prof. Dzmitry Misiulia


Course (Live-Stream):Mo.10:00 - 11:30(Room:44-465)
Exercise (Live-Stream):Mo.10:00 - 11:30(Room:44-465)

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