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Books and book chapters

  • Weis, D.: Beschreibung des Sphäronisationsprozesses von pharmazeutischen Pellets mittels numerischer Methoden. Dissertation, Schriftenreihe des Lehrstuhls für Mechanische Verfahrenstechnik der TU Kaiserslautern, (2021) Band 24, ISBN 978-3-95974-144-6.
  • Kleffner, Ch.: Hochdruckumkehrosmose zur energieeffizienten Aufkonzentrierung hochosmotischer Lösungen: Leistungslimitierende Effekte beim Einsatz von Spiralwickelelementen. Dissertation, Schriftenreihe des Lehrstuhls für Mechanische Verfahrenstechnik der TU Kaiserslautern, (2020) Band 23, ISBN: 978-3-95974-142-2.
  • Entwicklung und Planung verfahrenstechnischer Anlagen, S. Ripperger and K. Nikolaus, Springer, 2020, 192 p, ISBN 978-3-662-60427-4, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-662-60427-4

Journal publications

  • Elsayed, O., Kirsch, R., Krull, F., Antonyuk, S., and Osterroth, S.: Pore-scale simulation of the interaction between a single water droplet and a hydrophobic wire mesh screen in diesel, Fluids 6 (9), (2021), 319
  • Elsayed. O., Kirsch, R., Osterroth, S., Antonyuk, S.: An improved scheme for the interface reconstruction and curvature approximation for flow simulations of two immiscible fluids, International Journal of Multiphase Flow (2021)
  • Goldnik, D., Lösch, P., Ripperger, S., Antonyuk, S.: Diafiltration of highly concentrated suspensions with fine particles by dynamic disc filtration, Chemical Engineering & Technology (2021)
  • Hesse, R., Krull, F., Antonyuk, S.: Prediction of random packing density and flowability for non-spherical particles by deep convolutional neural networks and Discrete Element Method simulations, Powder Technology (2021)
  • Kleffner, C., Braun, G., Antonyuk S.: High-pressure reverse osmosis for industrial water recycling: Permeate-sided pressure drop as performance-limiting factor, Chemie Ingenieur Technik (2021),
  • Puderbach, V., Schmidt, K., Antonyuk, S.: A coupled CFD-DEM model for resolved simulation of filter cake formation during solid-liquid separation, Processes 9 (2021) 5, 826,
  • Kolosov (†), A.E., Gondlyakh, A.V., Sivetskii, V.I., Sidorov, D.E., Kolosova, E.P., Vanin, V.V., Antonyuk, S.I.: Physicochemical modification of heat-shrinkable epoxy polymers, Voprosy Khimii i Khimicheskoi Tekhnologii 2 (2021), 49-55.
  • Urazmetov, O., Kerner, M., Dillenburger, T., Misiulia, D., Antonyuk S.: A CFD study of gas and particle motion in an aerosol generator operated by desublimation process, Chemical Engineering Research and Design (2021),
  • Misiulia, D., Lidén, G., Antonyuk, G.: Evolution of turbulent swirling flow in a small scale cyclone with increasing flow rate: A LES study, Flow, Turbulence and Combustion (2021)
  • Evers, M, Mattusch, A., Weis, D., Garcia, E., Antonyuk, E., Thommes, M.: Elucidation of mass transfer mechanisms in pellet formation by spheronization, European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, (2021),
  • Kerner, M., Schmidt, K., Schumacher, S., Asbach, C., Antonyuk, S.: Electret filters - From the influence of discharging methods to optimization potential, Atmosphere 12 (2021), 65,
  • Thielen, S., Breuninger, P., Hotz, H., Burkhart, H., Schollmayer, T., Sauer, B., Antonyuk, S., Kirsch, B., Aurich, J.: Improving the tribological properties of radial shaft seal counter surfaces using experimental micro peening and classical shot peening processes, Tribology International (2021),
  • Urazmetov, O.; Cadet, M.; Teutsch, R.; Antonyuk, S.: Investigation of the flow phenomena in high-pressure water jet nozzles, Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 10.11.2020
  • Lösch, P., Nikolaus, K., Antonyuk, S.: Fractionating of finest particles using cross-flow separation with superimposed electric field, Separation and Purification Technology 257 (2021) 117820,
  • Barth, J., Antonyuk, S., Ripperger, S.: Filtration mit kompressiblen Filterkuchen – Modellierung und experimentelle Untersuchung, F&S Filtrieren und Separieren 4 (2020), 200-209.
  • Weis, D., Grohn, P., Evers, M., Thommes, M., Garcia, E., Antonyuk, S.: Implementation of formation mechanisms in DEM simulation of the spheronization process of pharmaceutical pellets, Powder Technology 378 (2021) 667-679,
  • Grohn, P., Lawall, M., Oesau, T., Heinrich S., Antonyuk, S.: CFD-DEM simulation of a coating process in a fluidized bed rotor granulator, Processes 8(9) (2020), 1090;
  • Kerner, M., Schmidt, K., Schumacher, S., Asbach, C., Antonyuk, S.: Ageing of electret filter media due to deposition of submicron particles - experimental and numerical investigations, Separation and Purification Technology 251 (2020) 117299
  • Hesse, R.; Krull, F.; Antonyuk, S.: Experimentally Calibrated CFD-DEM Study of Air Impairment during Powder Discharge for Varying Hopper Configurations, Powder Technology 372 (2020), 404-419,
  • Antonyuk, S., Bart, H.-J., Hasse, H., Ripp, M., Ripperger, S, Ulber, S.: Die Entwicklung der Verfahrenstechnik an der TU Kaiserslautern, Chemie Ingenieur Technik 92 (2020) 8, 1011-1022
  • Ripperger, S., Antonyuk, S.: Partikelfilternde Halbmasken - Stand der Technik und Untersuchungsergebnisse. F&S Filtrieren und Separieren 2 (2020) 70-73.
  • Pascot, A., Gaudel, N., Antonyuk, S., Bianchin, J., Kiesgen De Richter, S.: Influence of mechanical vibrations on silo discharge, Chemical Engineering Science, 224 (2020) 115749
  • Kerner, M., Schmidt, K., Schumacher, S., Puderbach, V., Asbach, C., Antonyuk, S.: Evaluation of electrostatic properties of electret filters for aerosol deposition, Separation and Purification Technology 239 (2020) 116548,
  • Deshpande, R., Antonyuk, S., Iliev, O.: DEM-CFD study of the filter cake formation process formed due to non-spherical particles, Particuology (2020),
  • Vafaeezadeh, M., Wilhelm, C., Breuninger, P., Ernst, S., Antonyuk, S. and W. R. Thiel: A Janus-type heterogeneous phase transfer catalyst for adipic acid synthesis, ChemCatChem (2020)
  • Hund, D., Lösch, P., Kerner, M., Ripperger, S, and S. Antonyuk: CFD-DEM study of bridging mechanisms at the static solid-liquid surface filtration, Powder Technology 361 (2020), 600-609
  • Misiulia, D., Antonyuk, S., Andersson, A.G., Lundström, T.S.: High-efficiency industrial cyclone separator: a CFD study, Powder Technology (2020),
  • Vafaeezadeh, M., Breuninger, P., Lösch, P., Wilhelm, C., Ernst, S., Antonyuk, S., Thiel, W. R.: Janus interphase organic-inorganic hybrid materials: Novel water-friendly heterogeneous catalysts, ChemCatChem 11 (2019) 2304-2312,
  • Grohn, P., Weis, D., Thommes, M., Heinrich, S., and S. Antonyuk, Contact behavior of MCC pellets depending on their water content, Chem. Eng. Technol. (2020),

Conference publications

  • Gondlyakh A., Chemeris A., Kolosov A. (†), Sokolskiy A., Antonyuk S. (2021) Simulation of delamination processes of multilayer mechanical engineering structures. In: Tonkonogyi V. et al. (eds) Advanced Manufacturing Processes II. InterPartner 2020. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering. Springer, 129-138.
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