Institute of Particle Process Engineering

Current Publications

  • Hund, D., Schmidt, K., Ripperger, S., Antonyuk, S.: Direct Numerical Simulation of cake formation during filtration with woven fabrics, Chemical Engineering Research and Design 139 (2018), 26-33

  • Breuninger, P., Buhl, S., Binder, A., Merz, R., Kopnarski, M., Sachweh, B., Antonyuk, S.: Microstructuring of titanium surfaces with plasma modified titanium particles by cold spraying, Particuology (2018), angenommen.

  • Despande, R., Antonyuk, S., Iliev, O. (2018): Study of the filter cake formed due to the sedimentation of mono and bi-dispersed particles using DEM-CFD simulations, AIChE Journal (2019),

  • Weis, D., Niesing, M., Thommes, M., Antonyuk, S.: DEM simulations of the mixing behavior in a spheronization process, Chemical Engineering Science 192 (2018), 803-815,

  • Schwarz, N.; Ripperger, S.; Antonyuk, S.: Investigations on the capability of the Statistical Extinction method for the determination of mean particle sizes in concentrated particle systems, Particle & Particle System Characterization (2018), 1800191,

  • Krull, F., Hesse, R., Breuninger, P., Antonyuk, S.: Impact behaviour of microparticles with microstructured surfaces: Experimental study and DEM simulation, Chemical Engineering Research and Design 135 (2018) 175-184,

  • Dillenburger, T., Hellmann, A., Hillemann, L., Stintz, M., Ripperger, S., Antonyuk, S.: Aerosol generation of non-spherical particles by desublimation of copper phthalocyanine. Chemical Engineering & Technology (2019),

  • Pitz, M., Hellmann, A., Ripperger, S., Antonyuk, S.: Development of a 3D Light Scattering Sensor for online characterization of aerosol particles, Particle & Particle System Characterization 35 (2018) 6, 1800045,

  • Kerner, M., Schmidt, K., Hellmann, A., Schumacher, S., Pitz, M., Asbach, C., Ripperger, S., Antonyuk, S.: Numerical and experimental study of submicron aerosol deposition in electret microfiber nonwovens, Journal of Aerosol Science 122 (2018), 32-44.

  • Misiulia, D., Antonyuk, S., Andersson, A.G., Lundström, T.S.: Effects of deswirler position and its centre body shape as well as vortex finder extension downstream on cyclone performance, Powder Technology 336 (2018), 45-56,

  • Breuninger, P., Weis, D., Behrendt, I., Grohn, P., Krull, F., Antonyuk, S.: CFD-DEM simulation of fine particles in a spouted bed apparatus with a Wurster tube, Particuology 42 (2019), 114-125,

  • Babick, F., Hillemann, L., Stintz, M., Dillenburger, T., Pitz, M., Hellmann, A., Antonyuk, S., Ripperger, S., Huber, F. J. T., Will, S., Wernet, R., Seipenbusch, M., Gensch, M., Weber, A., Kiesler, D., Kruis, E., Friehmelt, R., and B. Sachweh; Multiparameter Characterization of Aerosols; Chemie-Ingenieur-Technik 90 (2018) 7, 923-936,

  • Kamranian A. M., Bück, A., Antonyuk, S., van Wachem, B., Thévenin, D., Tomas, J.: The effect of the presence of very cohesive Geldart C ultra-fine particles on the fluidization of Geldart A fine particle beds. Processes (2019),

  • Buhl, S., Breuninger, P., Antonyuk, S.: Optimization of a Laval nozzle for energy efficient cold spraying of microparticles, Materials and Manufacturing Processes 33 (2018), 115-122.
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