Institute of Particle Process Engineering

Development of a low cost sensor for aerosol spread monitoring

December 10, 2020
Contact: Maximilian Kerner
Funding: Volkswagenstiftung

Detection or monitoring of the spreading of airborne diseases in relevant environments is key factor for evaluation of their hazardous potential. In order to provide a precise and feasible measuring technology, the measurement performance of low cost sensors will be adapted to liquid particles / droplets by standardization with laboratory measurement devices and identification of influencing parameters. The suitability of liquid particle / droplet measurement for wide range aerosol spread monitoring will be investigated subsequently by measurements in different environments.

The following research questions are evaluated in the project:

  • Can existing low cost sensors for particulate matter monitoring be adapted and used for mapping aerosol spread in relevant environments?
  • How do droplets and air humidity affect the measurement performance?
  • What are the optimization potentials of the physical components of the sensor system and the data evaluation algorithms for providing precise and accurate measurements of droplets?
  • What are the optimization potentials of the physical components for providing adequate differentiation between solid dust particles and liquid droplets measurements?
  • Can an online controlled regulation concept for an improved hygiene concept with regard to the number of people etc. in relevant environments be derived from this?
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