Lehrstuhl für Mechanische Verfahrenstechnik (MVT)

Multidimensional fractionation of finely dispersed particles using the cross-flow filtration with superimposed electric field

Contact: Philipp Lösch

Funding: DFG

The physical properties of a particle collective are directly related to the particle size, particle shape, surface properties and chemical composition of the individual particles. Frequently, suspensions form highly complex particle collectives, which contain all of these features in different distributions. Since the characteristic dimensions of the technical structures in the raw materials are continuously decreasing, ever finer, more highly specific particle systems will in future be produced, processed and recycled. In this research project, a novel cross-sectional superficial electric field filtration technique is being developed, which is a promising method for the highly specific separation of micro- and sub-micron suspensions. The method not only allows fractionation with regard to the particle size, but also the particle shape, the chemical composition and the physical properties of the individual particles. Due to the scalability of the process, which is based on membrane technology, the large-scale feasibility of the process is guaranteed.

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