Lehrstuhl für Mechanische Verfahrenstechnik (MVT)

High-Efficient seperation of particle-laden gas flows in a turbulent centrifugal field considerung particle agglomeration

Contact: Dzmitry Misiulia

Funding: AvH

The knowledge of particle behaviour in the turbulent swirling flow is of paramount importance for the understanding of agglomeration processes in order to optimize separation of gas-solid flows. With regard to existing models’ accuracy and generality are limited and need to be improved. In this project, the mechanism of particle separation in a turbulent swirling gas flow will be revealed and described taking into account particle collisions and agglomeration. Using the multidisciplinary CFD–DEM approach, a coupled CFD-DEM model will be developed to describe particle dynamics in a turbulent centrifugal field including agglomeration processes. The innovative model will allow to accurately predict particle dynamics in swirling turbulent flows which appear in many industrial applications. Furthermore, the developed model can be used to optimize existing equipment, based on a more accurate prediction of behaviour of two-phase flow inside of the device.

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